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    Terms & Conditions

    1. Provided that the Goods comply with the required standards of quality and our authentication policy, we agree to hold the Goods at your request and to sell them to Retail Customers in accordance with these terms.
    2. SoleSide By Reif reserves the right to return any Goods to you if it later becomes apparent that the Goods do not meet the required standards.
    3. SoleSide By Reif has full rights to change or decline your request for a new payout.
    4. SoleSide By Reif will be responsible for damage or deterioration of the Goods from the time when you deliver the Goods to our store and until either the ownership of them passes to a Retail Customer or they are returned to you.
    5. We will add our own cost and expense, store and display the Goods in our store and/or on our Website.
    6. As a consignor, you agree that you will not withdraw the Goods prior to 15 days after the date of delivery of the Goods to us. If you seek such an early withdrawal, we will be entitled to an early withdrawal fee equal to 35 AED per item.
    7. SoleSide By Reif will pay the consignor every early of the month or 15 days after sales. Payout to be collected in form of cheque or bank transfer. SoleSide By Reif will notify the consignor when the payment is ready.
    8. For complete CONSIGNMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, please visit our website