Be@rbrick Andy Warhol x Brillo 400% + 100%


Inspired by a 1964 work entitled Brillo Soap Pad Boxes by legendary pop artist Andy Warhol, the Bearbrick Andy Warhol “Brillo” 100% & 400% Set includes two identical ursine shaped figures that stand 2.75 inches and 11 inches respectively. Both figures in the set feature the Brillo Pad logo and box branding printed across the entirety of their bodies. The original Brillo Soap Pad Boxes piece was created to force audiences to consider mass production and art as a consumer product. Take home a piece of art history with the Bearbrick Andy Warhol “Brillo” 100% & 400% Set.

Product Detail:

400% – Height = 28CM, Weight = 400Gram

100% – Height = 7CM, Weight = 50Gram