Nike SB Dunk High Concepts Turdunken (Special Box)

1,500.00 AED From 1,200.00 AED

The Nike SB Duck (Dunk) High Pro uses luxe materials and iridescent details to create a design that mimics the look and feel of a male mallard duck. Plush leather is textured to look like feathers and the fuzzy suede material on the heel mimics duck down. We’ve incorporated a scenic toile print on the insole and collar lining, which features a flock of mallards (and maybe even a lobster or two). The rubber sole is colored up to mimic the look of duck legs and feet. The sneaker kit includes an ‘oven on fire’ sneaker box,  Nike SB Dunk Hi Pro sneakers, and three sets of laces – ‘cranberry,’ ‘butter,’ and ‘gravy.

(SPECIAL BOX) Excluded Toys & Socks.

Local UAE Release.